Weekly Viz (1.2) – Airbnb Property Selection Tool

Tableau provides a rich resource of datasets for you to get hands-on experience with the functionalities that it offers. Heres my rendition of the Airbnb – New York dataset to create a property selection tool where you could add filters and choose the property of your choice.

You can begin with choosing the filters or choosing your desired neighborhood/property by hovering over & clicking the map or the property type blobs

The hover action will give you the details about the property type and no. of units available

Clicking on the property type of your choice gives you the relevant property details. Hovering over the “Beds” additionally will show you the room type i.e. Shared/Private/Entire House.

The dashboard can be viewed on my Tableau Public profile: https://public.tableau.com/profile/viraj1076#!/vizhome/AirBnBPropertySelectionToolNewYork/Dashboard1


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