Weekly Viz – International Protection in EU+ : Overview

#MakeoverMonday Week 28 2019

Week 28 saw an interesting dataset on #MakeoverMonday – International Protection in EU+ Countries. The data set can be found here.

With the turmoil and unrest in the middle east – the statistics as regards the refugees being granted an asylum are staggering.

This is the original visualization –

What’s good?

The visualization tells a story of the countries where these refugees come from – It gives a brief overview of the no. of applications, the applications that were accepted, rejected or are pending.

However, the dataset attached does not have the data regarding the country of origin. This visualization lacks coherence with the data given.

Here’s my slant – 

Click here for an interactive version of the dashboard – Tableau Public

My aim with this dashboard was:

  • To enable the user to drill down on the statistics by filtering on the year and a specific country
  • Back graphical representation of the relevant filter with intuitive and conclusive numeric values
  • Compare the applications made to the one’s rejected and the one’s that received a positive reply
  • It also gives a comparative overview of the no. of applications different countries receive via a spacial (map) representation – which helps demonstrate the geographical position of the country and its impact on key numbers
  • As an add-on I added a tooltip which shows the change in the number of applicants from 2009 to 2018 with an additional detail of the gender of these applicants.

Since it is an elaborate dashboard I urge the readers to visit the interactive version of the same on my Tableau Public profile – https://public.tableau.com/profile/viraj1076#!/vizhome/InternationalProtectionEUMakeoverMonday/Dashboard1

This particular challenge helped me express my learnings from last weeks Workout Wednesday challenge through an attempt to make a visually intuitive dashboard that conveys the crux of issue at hand.

Like always – suggestions are welcome!


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