Student Web Analyst: – Child Development Center (Google Analytics Online Challenge)

(Google Tag Manager, Google Ads, Google Analytics/Cloud)

  • Worked in a close liaison with Ummeed to deploy Google Analytics, Tag Manager and Ad-words to augment their online presence and market their services
  • Identified 13 distinct KPI’s and aligned them with the purchase funnel tracked using 23 tags defined in GTM
  • Created 34 ad-groups consisting of 523 keywords through 6 independent campaigns; ensured optimum use of funds by closely monitoring the bid simulator and quality score functionality

Data Mining and Predictive Analysis of USA County Data (Academic Project)

(R, Python, Tableau, Dash)

  • Worked in a team of 5 to perform predictive and descriptive analysis of USA county level data to create a social/health index for each county
  • Combined multiple datasets sourced from consisting of 311 distinct variables, to map correlations and anomalous relationships among demographics, social indicators, financial data and health conditions visualized intuitively using Tableau and RShiny
  • Created a statistical model with a predictor that gives a probability spectrum of vulnerability to diseases given the county level demographic data which could supplement the supply chain optimizations for pharmaceutical companies

Business Process Analyst: Barkan Management – College Park (Academic Project)

  • Led a team of 5 to analyze, document and re-engineer an information system for optimizing the client’s business process
  • Identified the client’s data requirements through ERD’s and optimized solutions by creating data flow diagrams using Visible Analyst software to upgrade their security and package handling system
  • Submitted a comprehensive report encompassing the new system design recommendations and implementation directives

Data Mining and Predictive Analysis of Google Play Store App Data

(Python, Plotly, Cufflinks, Dash)

  • Worked independently on an intricate dataset containing Google Play Store app data containing 13 distinct attributes
  • Cleaned the data sourced from Kaggle by first observing the data set for errors, missing data, inconsistencies and duplicate data so as to validate its accuracy and to standardize the process of analysis and prediction
  • Generated a comprehensive analysis of the data to reveal the top categories, correlations amongst the review attributes followed by segmentation of the data based on the categories and reviews 

Student Consultant: Firm Analysis – The Proctor and Gamble Company, Netflix Inc. 

  • Developed an audit framework for firms that leverage the strategic nature of information technology and information systems
  • Performed a thorough analysis of the business model of firms to understand their core competence and competitive advantage by engaging with the business development teams of the respective firms for a comprehensive insight
  • Drafted a report outlining the effects the firm has had on the market it operates out of and extrapolated the study to propose changes and recommendations to the company for a sustained growth

Student Consultant: Network infrastructure Feasibility Study for Expansion into a CMS in Bangladesh

  • Identified business goals, stakeholder requirements, functional and non-functional IT infrastructure requirements for expansion of business operations between USA headquarters and a new contract manufacturing facility in Bangladesh
  • Developed infrastructure planning map, researched manufacturing and telecom regulatory definitions and documented telecom infrastructure capabilities and constraints at Bangladesh
  • Presented network expansion plan with a holistic view and detailed recommendations

Connect Smith: R H Smith School of Business Alumni Relations Website Development 


  • Led a team of five to gather functional requirements for a web-based system that provides comprehensive information service enabling students to access alumni information
  • Created a web-based interface and an optimized back-end by implementing an exhaustive algorithm that displays results for different combinations of search criteria
  • Completed a fully functional system after 8 weekly sprints; Presented and demonstrated live to a group of 100+

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