My Journey

It was the summer of 1999. I sat facing a rather mysterious object. Our first personal computer – my first escapade with technology. 18 years and countless escapades since, the excitement of working on something new hadn’t gone down one bit. Through the years of my primary schooling, I was instilled with a healthy scientific temper. I was exposed to the humble beginnings of the world of technology and how it revolutionized the world. As a child who was taught to learn mathematical tables by rote, I saw my personal computer performing this function with the help of simple programs in QBasic. I had found my interest in learning the fundamentals that drive this labyrinthine ecosystem of technology that helped me make a career choice to be an engineer.

To that end I enrolled at Vidyalankar Institute of Technology – Affiliated to Mumbai University. Beginning in 2014, the time at Vidyalankar is what shaped my personality as a young 18 year old and helped me achieve many academic, co-curricular and extra curricular feats.

An otherwise shy and reserved person, i decided to venture beyond my comfort zone and became an active member of the Student Council of the college. From being the first freshman to serve as the Jt. Technical Secretary to serving as the General Secretary (Chairperson) of the Student Council; Leadership and Persistence – two attributes of my personality that i discovered during my tenure in the student council. Being an active member and office bearer in the student council – persistence & multi-tasking were the traits i mastered to focus equally on my academic prowess that helped me be amongst the top 5%-tile of my class.

My tryst with data analytics began with me watching a presentation by Hans Rosling – a data story-teller, whose work pushed me to pursue this art of storytelling with data.

I enrolled at Robert H Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland in their speciality masters program in Information Systems – a course which is designed to give an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving by providing business solutions with IT driven strategies.

I have an unrelenting thirst for probing deeper into the business and technology enigma that is currently powering the world. A journey where I have followed my intuition and interest has led me thus far.

Learning is a lifelong endeavor, so… like the bio reads… Busy learning and being a better version of myself everyday, living the life of a permanent BETA!