Weekly Viz – The Great American Sex Drought

#MakeoverMonday Week 29 2019

This week data-set was from GSS Data Explorer and can be found on data.world.

Here’s the original visualization:

What’s good?

  • Perfectly scaled axis
  • Legible labels
  • Provides a good comparison between the three parameters at hand across the years

Here’s my perspective –

View the interactive visualization on my Tableau Public Profile

My main motive was to first attract the viewer my giving the essence of the dashboard at first glance. Next, I tried to summarize the change from 1989 to 2018 via a dumb-bell graph which clearly conveys the trend supported by the annotated relevant values.

I welcome suggestions – connect with me on twitter (@viraj155) to share your visualizations!


Average Temperature x City ft. Material Design

Workout Wednesday – Week 28

This weeks Workout Wednesday challenge focussed on Material Design style guide for data visualization. Google has many design guides based on their material design concept, but none related to data visualization until just recently.

The data can be found here – Click here


  • Dashboard size 1000×800
  • All elements should be in a vertical container, except for the filter
  • Provide 150px padding on all sides of the vertical container
  • Make sure values display the degrees symbol as a suffix
  • Axis should display marks every 20 degrees, and should provide context to the reader at the top most mark
  • Add a reference line for the current month, that will update automatically as the year goes on
  • Add a circle over the point in the lines that represents the current month’s average temp
  • Add a label for the hottest city, in the current month, for all of the cities in the view
  • If you filter out Phoenix, the label should move to Salt Lake City
  • Add a simple color legend that updates as the filter changes
  • Turn off tooltips – not necessary for the challenge

Here is my attempt at this dashboard – Continue reading Average Temperature x City ft. Material Design