London Crime Data – Exploratory Data Analysis (BigQuery)

This article is a continuation of the BigQuery article.

2019 has been famously called the year of bar chart races. Taking a cue from beautiful visualizations on the reddit thread – ‘data is beautiful’, me and my friend Dhwanil Dharia decided to create our own EDA using a public data-set from Kaggle’s BigQuery projects.

We used all the famous Python and R visualization libraries to reach our end goal. This article is a walkthrough of the Python Kernel and you can visit Dhwanil Dharia’s article for a walkthrough of the R rendition of the same.

Following are my visualizations created in a Jupyter Notebook (Download link available at the end of this article)

Barchart Race
Stacked Barchart

You can download my Jupyter Notebook for details and the code. I have included the pitfalls and intuition behind each visualization in the code.

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