Make Your Data FLow – Alteryx IT!


This is a part 1 of many blog posts coming up on Alteryx workflows, weekly challenges and walk-through – as I learn it. Beginning with a brief overview of Alteryx and it’s use cases, I will conclude with a workflow walk-through.

After spending enough time on data visualization tools and mediums like Tableau, RShiny, Dash and PowerBI I found an ardent need to explore ways through which I could connect only relevant data to my visualization media. Through my internship I came to terms with the fact that data can be voluminous and way more messier than you can imagine.

With data lakes storing large volume of data dumps the process of value creation from this resource begins with creation of defined pipelines to analyze that data – a process some call the Extract Transform Load (ETL) process.

I could go out on a limb and call myself an Alteryx fanboy – I have reasons though.

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Biz (1.1) – Strategic and transformative nature of information Technology

Porter’s 5 forces – a model taught to every business student across the world. A feature worth noting here is that not all businesses, big or small, seem to incorporate the essence of this really basic framework in their business development strategies.


The world today is driven by data. Companies are pumping in a major chunk of their revenue into advanced analytics and machine learning that help them personalize their products for the customers. Cost leadership and first mover advantage are often seen being trumped by replacing intuition with statistical insights. Computer applications and internet based e-commerce companies have traditionally been using analytics to increase their profits manyfold, however, the consumer goods industry which seemed distant from the buzz that machine learning and analytics created is now seen to be embracing the construct. Continue reading Biz (1.1) – Strategic and transformative nature of information Technology