Biz with Viz (2.1) Google analytics and ad-words campaign

“If your business is not on the internet, your business will soon be out of business” – Bill Gates

This article encapsulates the fundamentals of web analytics that thrives at the intersection of the information economy and analysis tools. The walkthrough is facilitated by my involvement in one such web analytics campaign. I have tried giving a brief overview of the process and for the sake of the length of the blog, walkthrough for setting up Google Analytics for your website can be covered in a separate blog post.

With the customer at the center of the marketing concept, it’s the marketer’s job to anticipate where the customer will appear and what they need to read. Analytics is integral to analyzing and interpreting data to make business decisions about what you should be doing online to understand and connect with your customers. Continue reading Biz with Viz (2.1) Google analytics and ad-words campaign