Weekly Viz – The Great American Sex Drought

#MakeoverMonday Week 29 2019

This week data-set was from GSS Data Explorer and can be found on data.world.

Here’s the original visualization:

What’s good?

  • Perfectly scaled axis
  • Legible labels
  • Provides a good comparison between the three parameters at hand across the years

Here’s my perspective –

View the interactive visualization on my Tableau Public Profile

My main motive was to first attract the viewer my giving the essence of the dashboard at first glance. Next, I tried to summarize the change from 1989 to 2018 via a dumb-bell graph which clearly conveys the trend supported by the annotated relevant values.

I welcome suggestions – connect with me on twitter (@viraj155) to share your visualizations!


Discovery Dashboard

Workout Wednesday – Archive

In pursuit of digging deeper into the world of data visualization I follow a simple self devised philosophy – Proficiency on any tool is a result of one’s technical know-how coupled with hands on experience with the tool.

To that end I’ve started following Workout Wednesday. Just like Makeover Monday this is yet another platform to squeeze out Tableau functionalities that facilitate a sophisticated and comprehensive solution to modern day data centric business problems.

In contrast to Makeover Monday – this exercise tests your experience with tableau instead of focussing on the visual cues. I have been following Tableau Zen Masters to pick pointers that help me solve these weekly vizzes. To get my hands dirty I began with visualizations from Workout Wednesday archives.

Lets get to the visualization. Requirements:

  • Dashboard size: 1100 x 900; 4 sheets tiled
  • Create a scatterplot of Sales vs. Profit with Segment on color
  • Create BAN of total marks, total sales, total profit
    • Include supporting information (min, max, slicing information)
  • Create controls that allow the user to
    • Change how the data is sliced (scattered)
    • Separate out segments to different rows
    • Separate out years to different columns
    • Add or remove reference lines
  • Match titles of each axis
  • Match tooltips
  • BANs should respond to selection inside of the scatterplot
  • Don’t forget the color legend & line formatting!

The data for this exercise can be downloaded from here.

This has been the toughest Tableau Viz challenge for me so far. This literally was brain wrecking!

Click here to view the visualization on Tableau Public – Recommended

This dashboard focusses on condensing important KPI’s into ‘Discovery Dashboard’ of sorts. It can help end users/clients get an insight into the performance and trend or seasonality of a company’s data.

Onwards to exploring and creating solutions with DATA!